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Classic Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions



How does it work?

Top-quality Extend lash extensions are attached one by one to each of your lashes. They come in different lengths, and styles and volume. You choose how bold a statement you want to make. Subtlety or all-out glamour!

How long will it take/last?

After a short consultation, you can put your feet up for around 60 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment required.  Then you’re set for 3-6 weeks with optional in-fills every 2-3 weeks. To keep your lashes looking their best, maintenance is required. Don’t neglect the aftercare.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

Be assured that our Extend latex-free lash adhesive has been formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes. You’re in safe hands with a Nouveau Lashes technician.

What aftercare is involved?

Following your Lash Extensions treatment, we recommend professional top-up treatments every 2-3 weeks. By doing that your lash extensions could actually last up to two months. Why every few weeks? Because your natural lashes have a lifecycle of around 90 days, and are constantly shedding, which will cause your lash extensions to naturally fall off also. The maintenance procedure simply adds extra individual extensions to those places where your natural lashes have completed their lifecycle – keeping your stunning new look in tip-top condition.



  • For the first 48 hours after any treatment it’s important not to allow water to come in to contact with your lashes

  • For 2 days afterwards do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water

  • CLEANSE LASHES DAILY - It's important to look after your lashes and use a lash cleansing shampoo - this will help with retention and keep your lashes looking their best

  • Do not use waterproof mascara

  • Use oil free make-up remover if mascara is worn (only use a water-based mascara)

  • Don’t rub your eyes when washing your face – always pat the lashes dry after cleansing

  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g. when sleeping, cleansing the face, applying moisturiser or cosmetics)

  • Ask our Nouveau Lashes technician for expert advice in how best to look after your choice of lashes

Can the eyelash extensions be removed?

Yes, at any time for any reason the lash extensions can be removed. We apply a special gel onto the extensions, that is made to weaken the bond of the glue, this way no damage is done to your natural lashes. Please don't try to remove your lash extensions yourself as it may damage your natural lash.

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